R e f l e x o l o g y

Using manipulation of the reflex points of the feet & hands, Reflexology aims to treat illnesses and disorders and maintain health & wellbeing. It stimulates the body’s own healing forces and affects the whole person.

Typical illnesses and conditions that are treated by Reflexology are:

[1]Acne, Allergies, Angina, Anorexia, Arthritis, Asthma, Backache, Bells Palsy, Bronchitis, Bursitis, Catarrh, Chilblains, Colitis, Conjunctivitis, Constipation, Cough, Cramps, Cystitis, Depression, Dermatitis, Diarrhoea, Diverticulitis, Earache, Eczema, Emphysema, Epilepsy, Eye strain, Fibroids, Fibrositis, Flatulence, Gallstones, Gout, Hayfever, Headaches, Hypertension, Hypoglycemia, Hypotension, Infections, Inferility, Insomnia, Headaches & Migraine, Menopausal symptoms, Incontinence, Indigestion, Jaundice, Kidney stones, Lumbago, Mastitis, Meningitis, Menstrual problems, MS, Muscle strains, Neuralgia, Ovarian cysts, Paralysis, Parkinson’s Disease, Pleurisy, PMT, Prostate gland enlargement, Psoriasis, Rheumatism, Rhinitis, Sciatica, Shingles, Sinusitis, Spondylitis, Stroke, Tear duct blockage, Tennis elbow, Tenosynovitis, Tension, Thrombosis, Thyroid, Tinnitus, Tonsillitis, Toothache, Ulcers, Varicose veins, Vertigo,

[1] Reflexology, Nicola M. Hall ISBN 0-7171-3095-9

A typical session takes approximately 50 minutes.

Rates. £30 per session.

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