Businesses that have effectively tackled work related stress have seen a reduction in the number of working days lost due to Stress, RSI, headache and backache and have noted an increase in morale and productivity.

Have you considered the benefits of reducing stress levels within your business and the advantages of providing additional care to those employees off work with a stress related illness?

An investment that returns benefits for workforce and business alike.

We focus care in 2 areas:

1. For employees at work we provide on-site 'de-stress' visits.

This is aimed at keeping stress at bay.

"Treating the cause before it has effect"

With this in mind we offer:

A choice of therapies to suit your employees' needs.

- De-stress Massage,(neck, shoulders, head and hands)

- Indian Head Massage,(Shoulders, neck head and face)

- Reflexology. (Foot massage)

  • Flexibility around your daily business routine
  • A choice of treatment time to suit your time scale
  • Personal & Business confidentiality.
  • Competitive Rates.

Details of on-site visits

At the desk/ workstation or designated area within your premises or convention venue.

5 & 10-minute sessions. (An effective short-term treatment that helps relieve tension during the working day).

15 & 20-minute sessions within your premises or convention venue (A deeper massage with longer lasting benefits). Recommended.

Full sessions (Typically 40 minutes) (Alleviates Stress, Anxiety and Depression. Creates a balanced feeling of peace and calm. Relieves mental and physical strain. Improves muscle tone. Can soothe pain from muscle spasm and tension. Rebalances the energy flow to the body. Releases negative and stagnant energy. Revitalizes the whole body.)

Our Rates: Hourly onsite rate of £25.00 per therapist.

(Minimum 2.5 hours per visit)

Number of therapists attending would depend on the quantity of clients and the time frame you stipulate.

2. Employers. Would you like to provide therapy for employees who are off work and not yet well enough to return? We can provide Home visits and/or Clinic appointments.

Providing any or all of our available therapies tailored to suit the client's needs and focussed on improving their wellbeing to the point where they can return to work as soon as possible.

Aimed at

"Treating the cause and the effect"

With this in mind we offer:

Reflexology, Reiki, Aromatherapy,

Indian Head Massage,

Clinical Hypnotherapy, Thought Field Therapy

Please visit the therapy pages for information on the benefits that each therapy can provide. Alternatively you can contact us via telephone, email, text or by letter.

Details of Home visits & Clinic appointments.

Personal & Business confidentiality.

Structured treatment plans with result goals and timescale.

Client and employer consultation.

Consultation with client's doctor where some Medical conditions exist

(Client approval required).

Home visit £30.00 per visit plus mileage rate 45p/mile.

Clinic appointment £25.00

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